week 26

week 26

Welcome to my last week of WCB Intern life. Start the week with surprise with my birthday cake on Monday.(actually, it’s almost surprising if I didn’t open fridge on afternoon break time, where to keep an ice-cream cake) .Thank you WCB team for a lovely warm wish and delicious cake. 😋



And the second good thing happens on Tuesday is when I was book time with Carl for mentoring time I ask for some advice of writing the article “Epic Of Divi Article” that I take the time to write more than 2 months finally, Carl help me to improve the article better. It ‘s made my day “shine bright like a ยdiamond” Carl inspire me for a write an article with my own word. I use to write with a serious word without my opinion and ideas of the topic. But if you want to made an article look not boring, like you cook without a spicy source that would not tasty,  seem like the article. If you use your word and be yourself to make it alive it will make your article seem different from the crown.

Party time during the week!! We got a VIP zone for event of “Hooters 1 year anniversary” But nothing feel like VIP!! because not thing free for us!? lol. We went there late in the last minutes of  free beer zone. So saaaad we missed for free drink 😭. We ( Carl, Cylis, Me and Dream) not easy give up still order some food and beers to join in this event. Inside the bar, We had been so happy with many sexy hooters girl and nice guys in there hehe. but so sad that was on Thursday so we wouldn’t stay so long time and get back home after 2 beers. 😎


After we waited so long time,Finally Pete appears in the early morning on Friday, good to see you real!! not just the computer responds. And thanks for yummy chocolates. However he is a mystery to us, no one knows when he comes until he appears at the agency and still on one know again when he will back! so stay awake guys! we will know when we know! haha

“Tech Career Open Day” Our team is so excited for it especially ME!! We were set up and decorate on Friday. For me,I’m very scared if I forget some process and so nerves in the real situation on that day. When the event day come true!! I can’t sit silently because didn’t create the question list forget a coupon discount!!! So I have to do it immediately before the speaker starts to talk!! In the end, everything was going well 😊 I’m very happy to do this project even if it’s not 100% success for me because I was expecting for many many people to join in our event but it just good, not perfect.And thanks to our WCB team to help each other to make it has been a nice event of Tech career 


After that It’s has amazing time happen!! We went out to drink at Hemingway  Asoke with the student Web Design Professional class of March 16. This group is very crazy and very funny. They are still “Gangster” after finished course. I have been in the part of this group with funny beer time And I got a free beer by My Lovely boss Carl. that was so drunks night!! and it was AWESOME!! ( Actually, I have some picture of this time but I think I couldn’t post on public lol If you want to know how happy and funny we are you could take the chance to join Web Courses Bangkok!!)

Lastly, I feel very happy to finish the intern program of WBC and ready to face in the real life of “ONLINE MARKETING” job. In the same time, I feel sad for left the WCB team, who are the best teamwork made all a good time and good moment in the past 6 months together. Particularly, Carl, He gives me a chance to join in this part of WCB and change my life from who are so lazy to read, do some research to be more patient. He taught me from nothing to being ready in real job life and getting me more passion for doing my goal. I can’t say more than thank you very much for everything. You inspire me to be like you, Carl!! My Perfect Teacher, I love you ❤


Week 25

Week 25

Hello people, Welcome back to my blog update on week 23. The new thing in this week is this is the first week of web design professional 3-month courses ( Huu let’s see who is a nice guy in this class lol) 😛


This week I mess around on event day that will gonna happening in next week so I have to set up, preparing and organize everything before the day come true,  then we have a meeting with team and try to run processing what we have on event for that we should do and when our customer come and we will see what we forget to list on our event.

We have a many parts of the event from instructors and speaker from the entrepreneur. We are so excited for that. In addition, we are creating an office name card design by Art. and also have an awesome WCB t-shirt design by Golf.


We’re welcome everyone who wants to join in Tech Career – Open day. and Let’s celebrate 9 years of WCB together. See ya.

Week 24

Sunday calling ,Time to wrap up all of this week. Yeah, Finally the event page was done. I can live it on a website. 😊🙌 Let’s see how gorgeous of this page” Tech Career – Open Day“. See? Yeah yeah, that is cool!! I know I know!! 😆😆😃

After launching the page now time to promote and announce to our audiences in any channel on the online event, I’m doing promote an event on Eventbrite, Eventpop and on Facebook Fanpage event. Including sent out a newsletter on MailChim. I do every channel to promote as much as I can to the right target audience. See you on 17 Sep! “Let’s celebrate 9th year for the next step of WCB ”


And If anyone use to do newsletter on MailChimp which on processing to confirm for send out,On that time Mailchimp is showing animation of “A chimp finger  try to press red button to sent out with nerves motion” and every time I see this that make me so nerves also, I have to press back and check for making sure again!! ahaha that is a crazy animation of MailChimp which it make me from normal crazy be double crazy and nerves lol.

In this week I have a good chance to learn a lot from Carl and Ivan because this week Carl was not so busy so I have learned about google console in a private session with Jen, And I joined class of social media marketing that was so much fun and got a new friends😊.


And This week I got a chance to learn new thing of JavaScript with Milla by Ivan. I learn how to create a slide in JavaScript program. That was not easy to understand for me and I completely don’t know before but I enjoy and feel good to know about it.

3 week left for my internship!! After I’m working hard and survivor to spend time 2more hours in early morning and 2.30+ hr for going home in more 5 month ago.I realize I will never ever get the job where is far from my home again!! lol that make me so pain lol.

Thaks for reading and see you again next week.

ps.here is some nice picture with weird people of this week . And don’t put your phone over your belonging, if not you will get 100 pictures on your phone with don’t know idea how come that appear on your mobile?!! #WCBlife #happyinternlife #wcbintern


Week 23

Week 23

HUAHAHAHUHA!! this is a sound of bad character laugh.😈 Because in this week I feel so proud of myself even if I can’t complete the event page on time but I learn a lot of coding. During I try to add more content and edit some texts and check over all the site. When I refresh to see content change…Tada!!! I broke something – -“. Ok relax just fix and undo what I just change just 30 sec.ago ( yeah I talk to myself) But nooo I can’t. So I have to “Keep calm and ask Ivan” to fix the inception problem lol.


My problem is, I put the hashtag in iframe code < iframe=”#”;> Cause I taught “#” is stand for links which waiting for a real link. But not at all it’s mean to reload the same page. So that why I had an inception problem. because it showed a same page in the page again and again. lol And I learn many many things about web design. Honestly, I just understand (almost clear but not 100% but better than last week 100% sure!) how to read inspect a code and fix are elements. ( so proud of myself ahahaha)


Camera test


Week of testimonial film. This is the last week of Web Design Professional in afternoon group. They are so friendly and funny. We had recorded a film with a fun time. We are a bit nerves to making a film and also of student they a bit shy to face on camera. While we do the record of Scotty everything was good and when it finish the record we just realise we forgot a microphone!! Ahahah so we have to do it again sorry Scotty!! And he so kind not only just only him everyone in this class is so nice and goodness 🙂 We will post our testimonial of Web Pro courses soon!!


Late dinner 


Week 22

Week 22

Hi everyone, WCB intern life of digital marketing is going on week 22. Now out team work so hard to prepare an event day of the next step of WCB & celebrate the 9th year to do ” TECH CAREER OPEN DAY” that will happen on 17 Sep ( yes soon!!) I feel nervous and so excited about it. We are on processing in each response of this event. For me, I doing for creating content on the event page on schools website and organize event day process on digital marketing , contact speaker, manage a tentative program of that day. and I hope we can live the event page on our website on next week!

I this week we have 2 beautiful ladies to do our testimonial for us. One of the beautiful of testimonial in this week is Anna. She comes to do a testimonial on web pro course. keep update our new video testimonial on our facebook fan pages soon!


Brake time, In every day we always have an afternoon break to go 7/11 for relaxing and grab some snacks but this time when we arrived at 7/11 just 30 seconds it raining so heavy and windy but lucky for us it is raining just 5 min.But Singh so scared of rain, he buys a raincoat from 7/11 to protect his hair lol


And this is some of the pictures from crazy people at WCB (pictures in below) that I very happy with. so if you are looking to do internship opportunity in Bangkok. I will recommend you guys to join at WCB and you will never feel normal anymore lol. Bye.


Week 21

Week 21

Happy Birthday, Carl, My belove Boss&Teacher 😊😊 hope you have a lot of happiness in your life.14002398_10206301482968898_456423089_o

In that day we plan to make a surprise with low-fat strawberry, we pretend like we don’t know Carl Birthday. In that day Carl order pizza for WCB team like we use to do, And when Singh comes and said Happy birthday to Carl behind me!!!! I turn around and look at Carl’s face but in my mind I want to do head kick to Singh!! Damn!! we plan to do surprise together but why you did!! But finally we are surprising my boss with strawberry low fat and handmade birthday card


My 21st week of WCB intern life. I move from digital marketing to web design. The biggest thing that I almost was done is build the new page of the event page, But actually, I didn’t do much I just sit beside Ivan and learn from him. He taught me how to create page step by step sometimes I understand and sometimes I don’t -_-” ,But he is a veryyyyyy good teacher and try to explain in every question He teach me like super intensive course of web design in real career life  I learnt about WordPress , HTML, CSS, and Javascript and responsive site.

We stats with creating a new page and put the layout in WordPress first, after that he style CSS and save all data on FTP. He shows me how to do like a magic, seem like its very easy. He created this event page just 1 day (actually, he can do it faster than this if he didn’t teach me at the same time lol) and this page will launch soon!! hope I’m not break something before lol


Pokemon fever!! In every day we have a new program on lunch time catch Pokemon in canteen and Goethe-Institut. Especially Art and Mila they are addict in this game and talk too much about it ahaha  13977968_10206301483008899_586289795_o


Week 20

Week 20

Hi there, Welcome to my intern blog on week 20.

Right now I have 2 months left for internship program then I want to practice more skill about web design so in this week I move to sit and work  with agency team.because I want to practice more in web design and coding as much as I can. In last Friday I got a task to help “Mila” The most one of crazy intern girl that can make you surprise how crazy she is lol, I was editing the link on “Holidayinn Pattaya” website from English version to Chinese version in Chinese page language. Actually, It’s very easy to fix it but the site takes so slow to load and It’s got many many links inside.

screenshot-www.holidayinn-pattaya.com 2016-08-05 17-31-2520160805_134034

WCB Open day, We have a lot of things to do and plan for that day now I finished a plan of a tentative program that will happen. For last week our intern and WCB team discuss it with a serious situation but now we clear after we get a good idea from Pete, for the next step for me is built the page of event day that I’m so excited to do.

Logo and Graphic course, we got adorable student group for hi school to learn in this class, and we did testimonial from them, check it out soon!! on our Youtube channel and Facebook page for keeping an update with us.



Week 19

Week 19

Hello again 🙂 welcome to my weekly blog again.  Let’s see what I learn in this week. for the big part of  WCB in this time is planning for “Open day” that make our team so actively to do with many excited, motivate and pressure with a counting down time to the day, For Me I have a response to do tentative program. In the first time I think is not difficult to do it I think is easy for just research by another event and develop to our event BUT NO!! I’m wrong when I think by myself without another opinion from a team. So we do meeting for discussing it together and ask for ideas from our team, and yes I got a lot of opinion and idea for it thanks everyone for doing a brainstorm and we got the idea to present Carl on Monday.13902014_10206222943405458_1266943234_o.jpg

When the Web professional 6-month course was finished we always do the recording film for a testimonial. After we got the original file we always edit on iMovie program, Golf teaches me how to edit and put filter and music on it.But I got a bit problem with the sound of a video because a microphone does not work on the left sift site so I after I finish for cut and edit video on iMovie program I have to amend the sound on Premiere pro program for making the sound on both sides. here is the lasted our web pro-student “Christopher – Web Design Professional Course

If you so stress or want to relax after long day work now we have a badminton time in every day (except raining day – -“) at in front of school, our team has so much fun with it and you can come to join us if you like to be crazy with us after work 😛



Week 18

Heya people! Welcome to my weekly blog this is more than half way in an internship here. Let’s me show you what I was learning in this week. And the happiness thing in this week is :)))) we work just 2 days. after come back from long holiday(but I feel never enough 😥😅)

In every Thursday we have to meet with Pete by Skype to talk about The big project event that gonna happen soon! But this week we postpone to Friday and I have 2 task from this meeting. I have to do tentative event and the second task is to create a new page on “UX PIN” program. After I got this ask me and Carl was discuss what is the most content for audience need to know in 5 things and we do a mini survey of opinion from everyone in WCB. and create it on UX pin. This is a first time to use this program for me but not too much hard to use this tool or maybe because I know about Photoshop program so It’s not different on it.

ux pin

And this week I joined SEO class by Gemma

Title : This is the first thing of Google spider read so you need to have page title with the right keyword of your website

BrowSEO : you will see a response on your website, Headings, text information and more

SEO quake  : chrome extension for SEO audit this tool will analysis your page e.g. how many images don’t have alt text

schema-creator : for an organization of your address that good in Google local

Favicon-generator : this web will help you create favicon for free

Yoast : WordPress plugin for helping you for SEO

All in one SEO pack : this is WordPress plugin same Yoast. you can choose which plugin you like to use.

Google alert : for finding good content and got some idea from there to develop your content.

I Hope this tool of SEO can help you to improve your website. 🙂