week 13

Hi guys,This is my lucky number week of intern life @WCB It’s not easy when you work here but you will get the good vibe with friends and getting new experience work life with crazy and funny people here lol.

This week i feel like I didn’t get much enough everything was so slow. I had got an article from Carl and my response is put it in the article blog on blog page of school website and add more link of relative of this article and more pictures but just that one job I did it all day!!! I feel felt in that day because I feel like I didn’t do anything good enough _*_

New big project is coming..! this project is about new list course of school and re-branding website and It’s come with many challenge and team work brainstorm sometime we fight sometime we agree but I like it. We talk a lot with many many idea, share and discuss about this project. This project is cooperate with graphic design by Golf and marketing team by Cha,Manuel and Jen.

We work so hard against the sleepy weather, after heavy raining almost every day in this week. when the rain is coming we have a problem with internet signal that make us so annoyed.

Web design beginner, This week I learnt coding html,CSS. Huuu!! I’m really enjoy it cause for my personal style I like to learn by teacher or by people when someone teach and told me how to do, how can be and advice me more than research by my self because when I learn by myself it take so slow to understand I need to know quick and ready to apply in my job, But for Web design beginner is not easy for the first time you could take more time to practice a lot! and meet it again on Web Design Intermediate soon!


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