Hello!! welcome back to diary blog of intern life, which is sharing about WCB lives & life in all 6 months here. What’s news in this week?

Huu la la, Let’s begin with the best part of this week with a project of SnapChat marketing for restaurant ” Restaurante at Rembrandt hotel” We plan to go the restaurant around 20.00 pm for taking some video when the restaurant open when the rush time of restaurant. But we have to wait until 19.15 for leave from school to Rembrandt hotel what should we do for waiting? Feel boring when you know you will be stuck at school for waiting more 2 hours – -” But NOT anymore for WCB school because we make the movie night with pizza and snack for that time lol.


Time to move to Rembrandt hotel, Me Carl and Manuel met Eric and team with nice welcome and Surprisingly Eric recommends us with the best beer that I have never seen it before and much Mexican food that was awesome and very good taste and I love it , we take a lot of pictures and videos by Snapchat when the chef was cooking, when the food serving, life music playing, and many pictures of food and drink include selfie also 😂. Now we get a lot of sources to create article “SnapChat marketing for restaurant” that we will publish soon.

And for my work in this week I have to research how to be Adobe partner and my problem is English skill ( that the same problem in my life!!)  and I take so long time to understand it. another to do is research about how to do keyword and SEO that would be good to know.

This week I have been joining in Web Design Intermedia and me really enjoyed it I feel so happy when I learn. This session it about how to create a website by WordPress. Though if you take  web design beginner course before you will understand easier and can add some code to it. I really want to recommend for anyone want to know about web design this course that great and give your many inspiration to do something next and more opportunity in your jobs. I would recommend who are interested in wed design or some and don’t have any idea to work or event if you feel boring at home you should join some course here!! Honestly, you will enjoy it for sure!! I have tried some it was great in every course and got the real useful and be a success just more practice after getting some tips form school, that would be awesome!


Home Work-happy
My first website by WordPress






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