Week 15

Hello there, in this week I don’t know how should I start to write it down because I but its doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything but it mean I do many many things in this week.

The bright site first!, In class web design intermedia that I was joined that wonderful for me and I felt got a motivated to be the web design but I have to practice more to make me confident in it. I learn about how to use Divi theme and woo commerce plugin on WordPress which is can make your website wonderful. A feature of this element can make your life easy and save your time to built the site. Honestly, I really like this course and like to do web design. I’m so enjoining it and happy with it when I can see the result immediately after I try to create it, just click an update and preview change. Wow!! you will see how amazing that you just create it and not take so long time to see the result.


Bye bye Anna, My Russian girl she was finishes an internship at WCB in last Monday. we miss you now T_T Hope you have a good opportunity in your job at the nice company soon!! :)))


Moi Mila!! welcome, the new intern girl Finland. [now we have a new word to say hi and  bye bye in Finish language “Moi” mean Hi and “Moi Moi” mean bye bye.] Hope you will enjoy in our crazy team Hehe 😀


About online marketing the main responsive of my work at WCB that very stressful and very challenge for me, We have many tasks to do. In the main thing of marketing online have to do is increase the rank of the website, by SEO, Keyword, social media or any channels which it can do the website on top of search engine. In the one of a method that I have to do right now is write an article. The topic of the article is”Divi theme” a premium theme in WordPress that I just learn in class of web design intermedia. About the article, I have to research more and more for write an article. This job is very difficult for me because of my English skill that makes me so stressful and takes so long time to do this job but I  will do the best!! su su Cha!!


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