Week 16

Hi there Sunday calling, That mean I have to update what I did in all this week. The task that I have done in the first draft is Divi article but!! it’s not totally done because I could check the page layout design, paragraph, and especially in English grammar so it still makes me stress week for a while.

And the big project will come for school is the event that we plan for it in September we will see soon! for the event of this big project, I have research of how was the school website run in I do the report by google analytic for last 9 month ago by quarter. Google analytic will show you the overview ,behavior, acquisition of audience. when you get the report you can use this for improving  your site, for example, if you know behaviour of your audience they always reach your website by search on organic search and find for tutorial let say Photoshop tutorials and Illustrator. So you should do more content about the tutorial for increasing up your target audience enrich the right audience. So that all of my task in part of marketing online for me.

And this week we get the chance of met founder of Firecreek company which provide about Web design and web development. He came for an interview with Carl and the same time we ask for interview him back about what is he looking for qualification in web development, Trend and some advice tips from success company. stay tune in our website We will post the video interview soon. 😊


E-commerce course this course run by teacher Cylis that I have been joined in class I learnt about how to built a website by “Woocommerce” plugin on WordPress. This plugin can help you sell anything with a beautiful site. and it’s free for download. For me, I think this plugin is very useful and best to built your website for e-commerce event if I never use any plugin for e-commerce before but I believe in WCB, that always recommend the best choice for students. ^^Untitled-1.jpg

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