Week 17

Hellow from the top hill of Doi Phu ka.

Now I’m writing when I’m on vacation time. I’m start writing in camping at Doi Samer Dao,Nan province. It’s a and I will show you how fresh in this place.

This week I finished E-commerce course. I learned about Woocommerce plugin. For me I impress in this is a “variable product” that can set the many options of your product. in my case, we create “happy shopping”that sell a t-shirt. A variable product can add the additional by custom product attribute e.g. size, color, stock or set the price in each by each products option.

Tips of a payment order in Thailand. If you put only Pay Pal for making a payment option you will lose many customers because most of them don’t have Pay Pal account. We know it because Cylis was show case study of his customer who have an only Pay Pal for making a payment. And they do the order in every step until of Pay Pal payment page. But 8 in 10 people don’t finish a process but leave it without pay. That can assume the reason of this problem don’t have Pay Pal account and not easy to use. So for this problem, we would recommend Omise,  Siampayment or transfer money for another option to make a payment in Thailand.

Social media workshop by teacher Michael, I have some tips from this class is hashtagify it shows many hashtags are the relative with the main topic and it’s work for Instagram, and if you want to create an image canva can make your dream come true with many template and text form.

This week we have long week 5 day. I went out of from Nan province. And I can’t explain to you how beautiful in this place. So I want to show you by picture below, And have a nice holiday everyone 🙂1468764059547



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