Hello again 🙂 welcome to my weekly blog again.  Let’s see what I learn in this week. for the big part of  WCB in this time is planning for “Open day” that make our team so actively to do with many excited, motivate and pressure with a counting down time to the day, For Me I have a response to do tentative program. In the first time I think is not difficult to do it I think is easy for just research by another event and develop to our event BUT NO!! I’m wrong when I think by myself without another opinion from a team. So we do meeting for discussing it together and ask for ideas from our team, and yes I got a lot of opinion and idea for it thanks everyone for doing a brainstorm and we got the idea to present Carl on Monday.13902014_10206222943405458_1266943234_o.jpg

When the Web professional 6-month course was finished we always do the recording film for a testimonial. After we got the original file we always edit on iMovie program, Golf teaches me how to edit and put filter and music on it.But I got a bit problem with the sound of a video because a microphone does not work on the left sift site so I after I finish for cut and edit video on iMovie program I have to amend the sound on Premiere pro program for making the sound on both sides. here is the lasted our web pro-student “Christopher – Web Design Professional Course

If you so stress or want to relax after long day work now we have a badminton time in every day (except raining day – -“) at in front of school, our team has so much fun with it and you can come to join us if you like to be crazy with us after work 😛



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