Hi there, Welcome to my intern blog on week 20.

Right now I have 2 months left for internship program then I want to practice more skill about web design so in this week I move to sit and work  with agency team.because I want to practice more in web design and coding as much as I can. In last Friday I got a task to help “Mila” The most one of crazy intern girl that can make you surprise how crazy she is lol, I was editing the link on “Holidayinn Pattaya” website from English version to Chinese version in Chinese page language. Actually, It’s very easy to fix it but the site takes so slow to load and It’s got many many links inside.

screenshot-www.holidayinn-pattaya.com 2016-08-05 17-31-2520160805_134034

WCB Open day, We have a lot of things to do and plan for that day now I finished a plan of a tentative program that will happen. For last week our intern and WCB team discuss it with a serious situation but now we clear after we get a good idea from Pete, for the next step for me is built the page of event day that I’m so excited to do.

Logo and Graphic course, we got adorable student group for hi school to learn in this class, and we did testimonial from them, check it out soon!! on our Youtube channel and Facebook page for keeping an update with us.



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