Happy Birthday, Carl, My belove Boss&Teacher 😊😊 hope you have a lot of happiness in your life.14002398_10206301482968898_456423089_o

In that day we plan to make a surprise with low-fat strawberry, we pretend like we don’t know Carl Birthday. In that day Carl order pizza for WCB team like we use to do, And when Singh comes and said Happy birthday to Carl behind me!!!! I turn around and look at Carl’s face but in my mind I want to do head kick to Singh!! Damn!! we plan to do surprise together but why you did!! But finally we are surprising my boss with strawberry low fat and handmade birthday card


My 21st week of WCB intern life. I move from digital marketing to web design. The biggest thing that I almost was done is build the new page of the event page, But actually, I didn’t do much I just sit beside Ivan and learn from him. He taught me how to create page step by step sometimes I understand and sometimes I don’t -_-” ,But he is a veryyyyyy good teacher and try to explain in every question He teach me like super intensive course of web design in real career life  I learnt about WordPress , HTML, CSS, and Javascript and responsive site.

We stats with creating a new page and put the layout in WordPress first, after that he style CSS and save all data on FTP. He shows me how to do like a magic, seem like its very easy. He created this event page just 1 day (actually, he can do it faster than this if he didn’t teach me at the same time lol) and this page will launch soon!! hope I’m not break something before lol


Pokemon fever!! In every day we have a new program on lunch time catch Pokemon in canteen and Goethe-Institut. Especially Art and Mila they are addict in this game and talk too much about it ahaha  13977968_10206301483008899_586289795_o


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