Hi everyone, WCB intern life of digital marketing is going on week 22. Now out team work so hard to prepare an event day of the next step of WCB & celebrate the 9th year to do ” TECH CAREER OPEN DAY” that will happen on 17 Sep ( yes soon!!) I feel nervous and so excited about it. We are on processing in each response of this event. For me, I doing for creating content on the event page on schools website and organize event day process on digital marketing , contact speaker, manage a tentative program of that day. and I hope we can live the event page on our website on next week!

I this week we have 2 beautiful ladies to do our testimonial for us. One of the beautiful of testimonial in this week is Anna. She comes to do a testimonial on web pro course. keep update our new video testimonial on our facebook fan pages soon!


Brake time, In every day we always have an afternoon break to go 7/11 for relaxing and grab some snacks but this time when we arrived at 7/11 just 30 seconds it raining so heavy and windy but lucky for us it is raining just 5 min.But Singh so scared of rain, he buys a raincoat from 7/11 to protect his hair lol


And this is some of the pictures from crazy people at WCB (pictures in below) that I very happy with. so if you are looking to do internship opportunity in Bangkok. I will recommend you guys to join at WCB and you will never feel normal anymore lol. Bye.


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