HUAHAHAHUHA!! this is a sound of bad character laugh.😈 Because in this week I feel so proud of myself even if I can’t complete the event page on time but I learn a lot of coding. During I try to add more content and edit some texts and check over all the site. When I refresh to see content change…Tada!!! I broke something – -“. Ok relax just fix and undo what I just change just 30 sec.ago ( yeah I talk to myself) But nooo I can’t. So I have to “Keep calm and ask Ivan” to fix the inception problem lol.


My problem is, I put the hashtag in iframe code < iframe=”#”;> Cause I taught “#” is stand for links which waiting for a real link. But not at all it’s mean to reload the same page. So that why I had an inception problem. because it showed a same page in the page again and again. lol And I learn many many things about web design. Honestly, I just understand (almost clear but not 100% but better than last week 100% sure!) how to read inspect a code and fix are elements. ( so proud of myself ahahaha)


Camera test


Week of testimonial film. This is the last week of Web Design Professional in afternoon group. They are so friendly and funny. We had recorded a film with a fun time. We are a bit nerves to making a film and also of student they a bit shy to face on camera. While we do the record of Scotty everything was good and when it finish the record we just realise we forgot a microphone!! Ahahah so we have to do it again sorry Scotty!! And he so kind not only just only him everyone in this class is so nice and goodness 🙂 We will post our testimonial of Web Pro courses soon!!


Late dinner 


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