Welcome to my last week of WCB Intern life. Start the week with surprise with my birthday cake on Monday.(actually, it’s almost surprising if I didn’t open fridge on afternoon break time, where to keep an ice-cream cake) .Thank you WCB team for a lovely warm wish and delicious cake. 😋



And the second good thing happens on Tuesday is when I was book time with Carl for mentoring time I ask for some advice of writing the article “Epic Of Divi Article” that I take the time to write more than 2 months finally, Carl help me to improve the article better. It ‘s made my day “shine bright like a ยdiamond” Carl inspire me for a write an article with my own word. I use to write with a serious word without my opinion and ideas of the topic. But if you want to made an article look not boring, like you cook without a spicy source that would not tasty,  seem like the article. If you use your word and be yourself to make it alive it will make your article seem different from the crown.

Party time during the week!! We got a VIP zone for event of “Hooters 1 year anniversary” But nothing feel like VIP!! because not thing free for us!? lol. We went there late in the last minutes of  free beer zone. So saaaad we missed for free drink 😭. We ( Carl, Cylis, Me and Dream) not easy give up still order some food and beers to join in this event. Inside the bar, We had been so happy with many sexy hooters girl and nice guys in there hehe. but so sad that was on Thursday so we wouldn’t stay so long time and get back home after 2 beers. 😎


After we waited so long time,Finally Pete appears in the early morning on Friday, good to see you real!! not just the computer responds. And thanks for yummy chocolates. However he is a mystery to us, no one knows when he comes until he appears at the agency and still on one know again when he will back! so stay awake guys! we will know when we know! haha

“Tech Career Open Day” Our team is so excited for it especially ME!! We were set up and decorate on Friday. For me,I’m very scared if I forget some process and so nerves in the real situation on that day. When the event day come true!! I can’t sit silently because didn’t create the question list forget a coupon discount!!! So I have to do it immediately before the speaker starts to talk!! In the end, everything was going well 😊 I’m very happy to do this project even if it’s not 100% success for me because I was expecting for many many people to join in our event but it just good, not perfect.And thanks to our WCB team to help each other to make it has been a nice event of Tech career 


After that It’s has amazing time happen!! We went out to drink at Hemingway  Asoke with the student Web Design Professional class of March 16. This group is very crazy and very funny. They are still “Gangster” after finished course. I have been in the part of this group with funny beer time And I got a free beer by My Lovely boss Carl. that was so drunks night!! and it was AWESOME!! ( Actually, I have some picture of this time but I think I couldn’t post on public lol If you want to know how happy and funny we are you could take the chance to join Web Courses Bangkok!!)

Lastly, I feel very happy to finish the intern program of WBC and ready to face in the real life of “ONLINE MARKETING” job. In the same time, I feel sad for left the WCB team, who are the best teamwork made all a good time and good moment in the past 6 months together. Particularly, Carl, He gives me a chance to join in this part of WCB and change my life from who are so lazy to read, do some research to be more patient. He taught me from nothing to being ready in real job life and getting me more passion for doing my goal. I can’t say more than thank you very much for everything. You inspire me to be like you, Carl!! My Perfect Teacher, I love you ❤


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