Week 17

Hellow from the top hill of Doi Phu ka.

Now I’m writing when I’m on vacation time. I’m start writing in camping at Doi Samer Dao,Nan province. It’s a and I will show you how fresh in this place.

This week I finished E-commerce course. I learned about Woocommerce plugin. For me I impress in this is a “variable product” that can set the many options of your product. in my case, we create “happy shopping”that sell a t-shirt. A variable product can add the additional by custom product attribute e.g. size, color, stock or set the price in each by each products option.

Tips of a payment order in Thailand. If you put only Pay Pal for making a payment option you will lose many customers because most of them don’t have Pay Pal account. We know it because Cylis was show case study of his customer who have an only Pay Pal for making a payment. And they do the order in every step until of Pay Pal payment page. But 8 in 10 people don’t finish a process but leave it without pay. That can assume the reason of this problem don’t have Pay Pal account and not easy to use. So for this problem, we would recommend Omise,  Siampayment or transfer money for another option to make a payment in Thailand.

Social media workshop by teacher Michael, I have some tips from this class is hashtagify it shows many hashtags are the relative with the main topic and it’s work for Instagram, and if you want to create an image canva can make your dream come true with many template and text form.

This week we have long week 5 day. I went out of from Nan province. And I can’t explain to you how beautiful in this place. So I want to show you by picture below, And have a nice holiday everyone 🙂1468764059547



Week 16

Hi there Sunday calling, That mean I have to update what I did in all this week. The task that I have done in the first draft is Divi article but!! it’s not totally done because I could check the page layout design, paragraph, and especially in English grammar so it still makes me stress week for a while.

And the big project will come for school is the event that we plan for it in September we will see soon! for the event of this big project, I have research of how was the school website run in I do the report by google analytic for last 9 month ago by quarter. Google analytic will show you the overview ,behavior, acquisition of audience. when you get the report you can use this for improving  your site, for example, if you know behaviour of your audience they always reach your website by search on organic search and find for tutorial let say Photoshop tutorials and Illustrator. So you should do more content about the tutorial for increasing up your target audience enrich the right audience. So that all of my task in part of marketing online for me.

And this week we get the chance of met founder of Firecreek company which provide about Web design and web development. He came for an interview with Carl and the same time we ask for interview him back about what is he looking for qualification in web development, Trend and some advice tips from success company. stay tune in our website We will post the video interview soon. 😊


E-commerce course this course run by teacher Cylis that I have been joined in class I learnt about how to built a website by “Woocommerce” plugin on WordPress. This plugin can help you sell anything with a beautiful site. and it’s free for download. For me, I think this plugin is very useful and best to built your website for e-commerce event if I never use any plugin for e-commerce before but I believe in WCB, that always recommend the best choice for students. ^^Untitled-1.jpg

Week 15

Hello there, in this week I don’t know how should I start to write it down because I but its doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything but it mean I do many many things in this week.

The bright site first!, In class web design intermedia that I was joined that wonderful for me and I felt got a motivated to be the web design but I have to practice more to make me confident in it. I learn about how to use Divi theme and woo commerce plugin on WordPress which is can make your website wonderful. A feature of this element can make your life easy and save your time to built the site. Honestly, I really like this course and like to do web design. I’m so enjoining it and happy with it when I can see the result immediately after I try to create it, just click an update and preview change. Wow!! you will see how amazing that you just create it and not take so long time to see the result.


Bye bye Anna, My Russian girl she was finishes an internship at WCB in last Monday. we miss you now T_T Hope you have a good opportunity in your job at the nice company soon!! :)))


Moi Mila!! welcome, the new intern girl Finland. [now we have a new word to say hi and  bye bye in Finish language “Moi” mean Hi and “Moi Moi” mean bye bye.] Hope you will enjoy in our crazy team Hehe 😀


About online marketing the main responsive of my work at WCB that very stressful and very challenge for me, We have many tasks to do. In the main thing of marketing online have to do is increase the rank of the website, by SEO, Keyword, social media or any channels which it can do the website on top of search engine. In the one of a method that I have to do right now is write an article. The topic of the article is”Divi theme” a premium theme in WordPress that I just learn in class of web design intermedia. About the article, I have to research more and more for write an article. This job is very difficult for me because of my English skill that makes me so stressful and takes so long time to do this job but I  will do the best!! su su Cha!!


Week 14

Week 14

Hello!! welcome back to diary blog of intern life, which is sharing about WCB lives & life in all 6 months here. What’s news in this week?

Huu la la, Let’s begin with the best part of this week with a project of SnapChat marketing for restaurant ” Restaurante at Rembrandt hotel” We plan to go the restaurant around 20.00 pm for taking some video when the restaurant open when the rush time of restaurant. But we have to wait until 19.15 for leave from school to Rembrandt hotel what should we do for waiting? Feel boring when you know you will be stuck at school for waiting more 2 hours – -” But NOT anymore for WCB school because we make the movie night with pizza and snack for that time lol.


Time to move to Rembrandt hotel, Me Carl and Manuel met Eric and team with nice welcome and Surprisingly Eric recommends us with the best beer that I have never seen it before and much Mexican food that was awesome and very good taste and I love it , we take a lot of pictures and videos by Snapchat when the chef was cooking, when the food serving, life music playing, and many pictures of food and drink include selfie also 😂. Now we get a lot of sources to create article “SnapChat marketing for restaurant” that we will publish soon.

And for my work in this week I have to research how to be Adobe partner and my problem is English skill ( that the same problem in my life!!)  and I take so long time to understand it. another to do is research about how to do keyword and SEO that would be good to know.

This week I have been joining in Web Design Intermedia and me really enjoyed it I feel so happy when I learn. This session it about how to create a website by WordPress. Though if you take  web design beginner course before you will understand easier and can add some code to it. I really want to recommend for anyone want to know about web design this course that great and give your many inspiration to do something next and more opportunity in your jobs. I would recommend who are interested in wed design or some and don’t have any idea to work or event if you feel boring at home you should join some course here!! Honestly, you will enjoy it for sure!! I have tried some it was great in every course and got the real useful and be a success just more practice after getting some tips form school, that would be awesome!


Home Work-happy
My first website by WordPress






week 13

Hi guys,This is my lucky number week of intern life @WCB It’s not easy when you work here but you will get the good vibe with friends and getting new experience work life with crazy and funny people here lol.

This week i feel like I didn’t get much enough everything was so slow. I had got an article from Carl and my response is put it in the article blog on blog page of school website and add more link of relative of this article and more pictures but just that one job I did it all day!!! I feel felt in that day because I feel like I didn’t do anything good enough _*_

New big project is coming..! this project is about new list course of school and re-branding website and It’s come with many challenge and team work brainstorm sometime we fight sometime we agree but I like it. We talk a lot with many many idea, share and discuss about this project. This project is cooperate with graphic design by Golf and marketing team by Cha,Manuel and Jen.

We work so hard against the sleepy weather, after heavy raining almost every day in this week. when the rain is coming we have a problem with internet signal that make us so annoyed.

Web design beginner, This week I learnt coding html,CSS. Huuu!! I’m really enjoy it cause for my personal style I like to learn by teacher or by people when someone teach and told me how to do, how can be and advice me more than research by my self because when I learn by myself it take so slow to understand I need to know quick and ready to apply in my job, But for Web design beginner is not easy for the first time you could take more time to practice a lot! and meet it again on Web Design Intermediate soon!


week 12

Hello word

Weekly update of week 12 of my intern life. let see how was my week  .

What’s new in this week?!  We have freshy Thai intern girl “Jen” for internship program at WCB Whool!!! Welcome   Totally in this week was a kind of serious week. we had a lot of work to do against with the time to finished on time.

I had a task from WCB agency. They was live of new website for customer “vathanagul” and need someone to help them do the check list. The list are acting for how was the website could be and check the final time after they live the website, how about the link?, how about the contact form, update plugin, and delete some features that are not use in the website, check speed of the result on laptop-mobile-tablet. I was spend time with this task for 2 day to check and update it and try to understand it also lol. Normally they do the check list via trello its can shown online and shared immediately to other member in the group. and very useful to do the work flow and do the check list of your project.


Back to the school I had a lot of task to do and can’t finish everything. For me It’s not easy to intern here but I learn a lot form the task and also with the stress feeling, My problem is not just the many task to do but is about my English skill that make me take so long time to do the task and finish the job. But not all of the bad thing I have a good friend to help me and improve myself in the same time.

Web design beginner!! Yeah I’m really enjoy to join this class. Me,Golf and Manual are join the class and very fun when we are in class together. This class taught about the code and Carl has many website useful to help us easy to learn

> name cheap :  for create your domain name

> a2hosting : Web hosting

> bubbl : for create mind map, for plan the idea pages of  website

> gomockingbird : create wide frame for free, This website is cool!! and help you life is easy go moc


Week 11

Sawasdee ka 🙂

Welcome back to my weekly blog, In this week I had a lot of thing to do Start by Monday, I go to United Nations on Rajadamnern Road with Gemma for Google Analytic courses for reliefweb.int the section of UN organisation for all day 10.00-17.00. Me and Gemma we came to teach for 2 Day on Monday and Tuesday with different group of staff. For the class I had learnt about how to track the audiences on website. You will know the audience by age, sex, county and many thing you want to know. Included how many click and download on your website by title and news as you uploaded it or I can said you can know the report fro google analytic in every channel form the audience what you want to know. Google analytic can make you amazing with the tool of feature provide on. Not just only me be surprise but also there staffs are amazed for result of tool in Google.



On Wednesday I’m back to work at school. Me and Manuel have a project on “Snapchat for restaurant” We have a contact of Rembrandt hotel from Carl.On the day we try to use and understand every feature on Snapchat before go to meet Eric and team at the hotel on Friday. We were talk and plan too much for this project and feel very nerves for that meeting.13340765_10205867121830141_956445146_o
When the day was coming we were double nerves for meeting with the big big owner and manager. At 14.00 We was meeting with Rembrandt team. They are welcome with smile that make us feel a bit relax and not much nerves. After that Me and Manuel tell about the plan of this project. And we got many feedback for do this project so we will back again with an idea for next week. After we discuss the plan they advise us to see the restaurant. Rembrandt hotel has 5 restaurant with Mexican food, Italian food, International food, and Indian food. But for the our project we focus on Mexicano, maxican food for Snapchat marketing project.




Week 10

Heya people! Lucky me!!  I’m still alive for kind of thug week at WCB. In this week at school I feel like I can fly far and far away after event was finish.

Friday 27th with “Online marketing event for your restaurant” It was great for the first event. In the first time I afraid we will have not much people to join on our event but when the event nearly coming I got many person requirement for book the spot of event. Finally when event the day of event I have many restaurant owner and manager joined. (Thank God!!) And how to achieve the audience know about our event? That is the way of online marketing (me) have to do by use social media to promote event.

A second thing I curious to know when I’m here is html. I learnt with Manual by Carl. It amazing thing to know and learn about it.and I have to practice a lot to understand and it lol. Isn’t not so difficult but it have a lot of code you must to memories what is work and link for?


And another class I would love to join it is “photography course” I really enjoy it. Like i sad last time I literally don’t know about how to take a photo by real camera (not camera from mobile phone – -“) and now I feel more confident to take a photo with many nice idea. Honestly I really recommend for someone who are interest for learn photography. This course is very very good with perfect teacher Willem. For yesterday we have some test for pass this course Willem has a 10 choice of topic to do the test and students have to choose to do some test form 2-3 choice for show how is doing when you use function in camera with good composition. For me I choose “Take a picture when someone movement” and the second topic is “Take a picture with someone behind tree, car,etc. by a model is not looking on lenses” and here this is my result.

image of people movement
image of people (Manual) behind the tree


Week 9

Hello Hellow !!

Such a good week again because this week Friday is HOLIDAY hooray!! In this week I mess up with the event that gonna happen on next week but still have available seat for participants so I have to contact restaurant who are interested on our event by email direct!! But lucky me I have some restaurant got feedback to say yes and want to join on event but still not enough participant. I have to do something more again to fine and promote before the day comes. And I plan how is the event will run on that day Taya ask me to do sequence of event that very useful for me because the sequence will remind you like a check list what you need to do and what is you missing of the event though you will can resolve problem before the real date of event come. The one thing I had forgot and after I did the sequence schedule I had just realize is register form that I should have on event day.

register form

Another highlight is I did the work flow for online marketing First time Manuel ask me to do this by add more idea but honestly I don’t understand what he want me to do – -” and after I try to understand and ask him again and again I have been understood and I can help him haha, So we did the job description of online marketing for describe what did we do for online marketing for next intern or someone who will take this response.

The best part of this week is I had learn basic coding “HTML” By Carl, Me and Manual we book time with Carl and ask for learn basic coding for update school website though We was found some areas we have to update it and included push up our skill about web design for next time I will understand what they (P’singh,Ivan,Anna) were talking about 😛

first images
My first web site with first<html>

This is my first web site of how to create coding, I was had no clue about HTML before and I’m so excited. I start with open “sublime” program to create code on Mac and every tag of code will begin with <html> and end with </html>and its has a many many detail to build web site that I have to practice more and more. And another thing I just know after coding class. The meaning of Carl pose when he take a photo he always do on hang like fighto!! but not fighto!! post. Finally I know what the pose mean It’s mean “<” “>” coding!!!!